American Legion hosts fundraiser for boy with autism in need of a service dog

(WHAM photo)

The community came together Sunday to raise money for a young boy with autism, in need of a service dog.

His family says 8- year-old Stephen Keith likes to run away in stressful situations.

They say the dog would not only help him emotionally but could track Stephen if they get separated.

Stephen's father is a veteran, so the American Legion in Webster organized today's fundraiser.

The family says they were touched that most people who showed up were strangers.

"It's good to know that my community is behind me in all that I'm trying to do for him," said Sara Abbey, Stephen's mother.

"The whole community is coming together to help one child meet his goal and his best potential so it's very heartwarming," said Rebecca Abbey, Stephen's grandmother.

The family says Stephen is extremely excited about a service dog, and constantly asks when the dog will arrive.

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