Amtrak reviewing proposals to rename train station after Congresswoman Slaughter

    Amtrak said its reviewing proposals to rename Rochester's train station after Congresswoman Slaughter. Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President Bob Duffy is confident that will happen. (WHAM photo)

    Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - Many federal, state and local leaders want to make Rochester's new train station Louise Slaughter's legacy by naming it in her honor.

    A proponent of high speed rail, Congresswoman Slaughter had a vision for the downtown station more than a decade ago.

    Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce President Bob Duffy said, "She was ahead of her time with pushing for rail, and she was a leader with our new train station, Amtrak, and it's beautiful."

    Influential calls to rename the station in the congresswoman's honor are now getting the attention of Amtrak, which owns the station.

    In a statement, Amtrak said it's reviewing proposals from Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and Governor Cuomo.

    Natasha Shipman of Rochester supports the renaming.

    "When you think of Louise Slaughter, you think of down here," she said.

    Ezio Carrozzi of Rochester agrees.

    It's just amazing that she was able to be in office for a long time and she had a great impact on our city,” he said. “The great work she's done for women's rights and legitimacy and the working atmosphere here.”

    Duffy said the station would not have been built without her. Slaughter led the charge and secured more than $15 million in federal funding.

    "Louise Slaughter, who has such a legacy, who has passed away and done so much, I think there could be no better fitting tribute to her and her passion for high speed rail, rail transportation and a new station in Rochester, that that station bear her name," Duffy said.

    Zohal Tawakali of Fairport also thinks it’s a good idea.

    "She made an impact on the community,” she said. “She contributed a lot to the community, and I think we should have something so we could remember her."

    Amtrak’s full statement from Jason Abrams, Amtrak Corporate Communications, reads:

    “Louise M. Slaughter was a pioneer who truly made Rochester her home, and was instrumental in leading numerous improvement projects to the state of New York, including the Rochester Station. We have received Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, and former Mayor and Lieutenant Governor Duffy’s request to rename the station in her honor. Amtrak is discussing this proposal and analyzing potential next steps on how we can commemorate Congresswoman Slaughter’s impact on the Station and legacy in the city of Rochester and New York.”

    With the overwhelming support and political influence to rename this station, Duffy said he’s confident leaders can make the renaming happen.

    13WHAM asked Duffy if he would consider running for Slaughter's vacant seat. He told Antoinette DelBel while he has great respect for Louise, he has no intention of running.

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