Angry tenants and city preparing for court battle with landlord

(WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. (13WHAM) - Tenants in properties owned by Rochester Asset Management say they've had enough, and now they're working with the city to bring on a potential over their living conditions.

Tenants living at a property on 447 Thurston Rd in Rochester are among those withholding rent money until they get issues fixed.

Many complain of rodent and roach infestations, along with cracked walls and ceilings - many times brought on by apparent water damage.

"I’m really pissed off every day," said Shanique Davis. "Every day I let out a big sigh when I walk into my apartment."

Davis has called the property her home for nearly two years.

She says mice and roaches are a constant issue in her apartment.

"I come home and have to start cleaning because I’m afraid of what happened while I wasn’t here. It’s very stressful," she said.

According to city data, the property at 447 Thurston Rd. currently has 55 outstanding code violations.

Rochester Asset Management owns at least six properties in Rochester. 13WHAM reported on the company when its tenants at a Dewey Ave. apartment complex lost heat for several days during a cold snap.

Other tenants at 447 Thurston Rd. say they lost heat over the winter, too.

"How would you like to live in those conditions?" said Marianne Caleo, who's lived at the property for more than 20 years.

Marianne says her bathroom ceiling collapsed in December, and it was just recently fixed.

She says there's several other issues in her apartment which also need to be looked at by maintenance, but says getting help will be tough.

"It was very frustrating," said Caleo. "It’s hard because nothing is getting done."

13WHAM reached out to Rochester Asset Management several times for comment but never heard back.

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