Assembly & Senate reject Gov. Cuomo's limo regulation proposals

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    GREECE, NY (WHAM) - Prom season is kind of like the Super Bowl for Dave Best.

    “Phones are already starting to ring," he says.

    He's the manager for Esteem Limousine in Greece. Bringing kids to their big dance is one of the busiest times of the year for him and his staff, but this year has a different feel to it.

    “It was devastating," Best says.

    He's referring to the tragic crash in Schoharie, New York last October. Twenty people were killed after a stretch limo crashed near a popular cafe.

    Safety, more than ever before, is on people's minds. Governor Cuomo vowed to pass stricter limo regulations to prevent another tragedy, but the Assembly and Senate removed nearly all of the limo law proposals from the budget over concerns of putting upstanding limo companies out of business.

    “I have had some parents ask about drivers, their license," Best says. He requires his drivers to have the proper training before getting behind the wheel and to keep their paperwork with them. If a customer asks to see it, they provide it. As for the vehicles:

    “We make sure they’re clean, they’re inspected and everything is working properly," said Best.

    He says they are inspected every six months.

    “Once they go out of service now, the rule is they would get towed to a destination to get fixed and then brought back to the inspector," he said.

    On the inside, Best says he inspects everything daily.

    Tammy Allen is the mother of a high school junior in Greece. If her son wants to take a limo, she knows what she'll tell him.

    “Go right ahead," she said.

    She'll let him, on one condition.

    “I will do the research," she said. "Just like I do with everything else. Whether it’s a limo, whether it’s a plane ride, whether it’s a vacation in Cancun, I check it all out before I go.”

    In a statement, a spokesperson for Governor Cuomo: "We strongly encourage the Legislature to support these proposals, which will make our roads safer for drivers, school children, highway workers and all New Yorkers.”

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