Back To School: What's going on at Spencerport, Brighton, Lima Primary



Students at HFL are entering the new school year "super-charged" -- after attending a summer camp that gave them free range.

"Maker Camp" allows kids to make their own choices - and teachers say they're seeing the benefits.

"We find in education when children have choices and relevance, things that are important to them, engagement is huge," said Lima Primary Principal Lisa Moosbrugger. "If you walk around, you're going to find kids who are so enthralled, they lose track of time and are loving learning."

From Kindergarten through 5th grade, students can choose a variety of subjects from woodworking to building Legos.


There's a new face in the Superintendent's office at Spencerport Schools - a familiar one.

"It feels very good," said new superintendent Dan Milgate. "I'm happy to be in this new position at Spencerport. It's a district I've been a part of for many years."

Milgate worked with the district for the past nine years as a teacher and a coach. He's looking forward to the future, relying on advice from his predecessor.

"We do everything for the students. If we're making decisions that don't involve the students, then we're not making the right decisions."


A new initiative starting at Brighton Schools aims to make it a "Zero Waste District."

"We're looking to divert 80% of waste from landfills. 80% of waste we produce," according to Brighton Schools Superintendent Kevin McGowan.

The idea from students and the community will see bins labeled for compost, recycling and trash."Waste not, want not - we're thinking about our impact on the Earth," said McGowan.

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