Bill on plastic straws in restaurants changes the way they're given out


    A new bill in the New York State legislature could change the way restaurants give out plastic straws to customers.

    The bill states that the only time restaurants would be allowed to give customers plastic straws is if a customer specifically asks for one.

    One owner of Peppermints Restaurant in Henrietta told 13WHAM it's a piece of legislation he can live with.

    "Generally, I think it's a good idea. Half our people don't even ask for straws, so it's something that prevents litter and things of that nature," said George Hetelkides, owner of Peppermints.

    "I think when you deal with the public there is a duty to be, to a degree, socially responsible, and that's how I interperet this law," said Peter Gines, owner of Jine's restaurant in Rochester.

    "Is it a big inconveniece to us? No, it's really not. Just requires a little more communication between server and customer," said Gines.

    The bill was proposed back in May, and was referred to the state senate's Environmental Conservation Committee last month.

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