Bills fans paying big to watch team in playoffs

Rochester, N.Y. (13WHAM) - After a thrilling night ends with the Bills heading to the playoffs, fans are paying big money to get watch the team play the Jaguars in Jacksonville, Fl.

Some fans planning on going to the game say they didn't wait long after Bills fate was sealed to buy tickets.

"We jumped right on it," said Irondequioit native Jordan Napierala. "It was kind of crazy to watch the ticket prices skyrocket even just in the half hour that we were on the site, the tickets we bought ended up jumping $75."

Napierala, who just moved to South Carolina with his wife last month, says a big reason they're going is because they live only 2.5 hours from Jacksonville. They plan on driving back and forth on Sunday.

"I said, ‘Well if you take the price of the ticket and split it up over the last 20 years, it’s not that bad," said Napierala. "Might not be great seats, but we’ll be there, and I’m sure we’ll be surrounded by a bunch of Bills fans and it will be great."

One of those Bills fans also making the trip is Kevin Bromley, of Rochester. 13WHAM spoke to Bromley as he waited for a flight back to Rochester from JFK Airport. He was in Ireland visiting family, and watched the game inside a Dublin pub.

Like Napierala, he didn't wait long to buy his ticket, quickly leaving the pub after the end of the Bengals/Ravens game to use his hotel's WiFi.

"It's something my friend and I talked about, 'if this happens, we're going to the game,'" said Bromley. "I sent him a text, he said, 'get them.' We got them very early on, about $150 a piece. I know they're double that, if not more."

Bromley is planning on driving to Florida with a friend, because he says the cost of flights to Jacksonville out of Buffalo and Rochester skyrocketed overnight- much like the price of game tickets.

And he says the price of game tickets alone is curbing Bills fans he knows from making the trip to Florida.

"I have friends who want to go but the tickets even in the nosebleeds are out of the price range they're looking for," said Bromely. "I think they're $300+ for the upper deck and anywhere on up for decent seats."

As of late Monday, the cheapest tickets on several major ticket websites like, StubHub, and the NFL Ticket Exchange ranged between $275-$300.

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