Boat fire at Irondequoit marina spreads to two other boats

Sutter's Marina boat fire.jpg

Irondequoit, N.Y. - Investigators are looking into what sparked a boat fire at an Irondequoit marina that spread to two other boats.

According to the Laurelton Fire Department, crews got the call for a boat fire at Sutter's Marina on Irondequoit Bay around midnight Thursday.

Firefighters determined that the flames on one boat spread to two others. In all, two boats were destroyed. A third boat just had fire damage.

One of the boats sunk and had to be pulled out.

Firefighters said it was a challenge battling the fires because they were at the end of the dock.

The boat where the fire started reportedly had electrical issues in the past, according to the Laurelton Fire Department.

Alan Sutter, owner of Sutter's Marina, said his son came in from watching the fireworks around midnight and saw a small flame that he thought was from a grill.

When he got to the boat, Sutter said he realized it was a fire and his girlfriend called 911.

Sutter also said someone else who was at the marina at the time saw another person set off a firework around the time of the fire.

He believes the fire could have been caused by a firework.

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