Boating bounces back on Lake Ontario after last year's flooding

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    Rochester, N.Y./Irondequoit, N.Y. - The hot weather is bringing boaters back to the lake - a far cry from last year's flooding.

    This time last year, local marinas and other businesses along the lake were taking major losses, with their businesses underwater. Wednesday, they were happy to get back to business as usual, and boaters are once again cruising the waters.

    Karl Kurz has been boating for 14 years.

    “You really feel for the people along the shoreline," he said. "They were the ones who really suffered with high water, the wind, the high waves along the shoreline.”

    Last summer, Allison Mayer says two feet of water filled the dock. Now, she’s happy for a busy boating season.

    “It's just great to see the community out. There are an awful lot of boats registered in Monroe County. And a lot of people didn't use their boats or couldn't last year, so now everyone is very anxious to get out there,” said Mayer.

    At Silk O’Loughlin’s, Michael McKeon says the community got him through last year when he was forced to shut his restaurant doors.

    “I wasn't surprised by friends and regular customers," he said. "It was the people I didn't even know that helped."

    "It means everything to me," he added. "It's put my kids through college. Put braces on their teeth when they were younger. And it's just important. I got nephews that work here, sons, daughters, you know. This place supports a lot of families.”

    He’s happy to once again see folks enjoying the sun this Fourth of July.

    “It feels great," he said. "Now, it's just nice to look out and see full deck, and it's nice out, instead of no deck."

    Remember to play it safe on the water, have plenty of life jackets and never drive a boat if you’ve been drinking.

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