Boy Scouts of America making a historic change

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The Boy Scouts of America are making a historic change. Wednesday, it announced girls would be allowed to join.

The organization says it want to give girls a chance to earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout. It comes after years of requests from families and girls.

It's a change some local Boy Scout leaders say is a good move.

“We do have a girls program too,” leader Robert Romberg said. “But you have to be 14 to get into it. So now, it's gonna be available for basically first grade on up.”

Romberg says this is about giving girls more opportunities.

“When I was a Cub Scout leader and the boys would come in with their sisters and everything, and the girls would like to join, but I always had to say, 'I'm sorry, this is just for boys only,'" said Romberg.

Boy Scout leaders hope this will make programs more convenient for busy and diverse families.

“I think is it's gonna help out with a big gap,” Romberg added.

But not everyone is on board.

“Our results speak for themselves,” Judy Cranston, CEO of Girl Scouts of Western New York, said. “We know that we have what girls need, and we also reiterate the importance of having girls in a very safe, single-gender environment.”

The Girl Scouts organization says keeping girls around girls is better for their development.

“This is the safe space, this is the place where girls can be successful, or fail. Not worry about being judged by boys,” Cranston added.

The program for older girls is expected to be announced in 2018 and begin in 2019. Girls will then be able to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.

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