City Wants Rhinos Out of Capelli Sports Stadium

ROCHESTER -- The owners of the Rochester Rhinos say the city claims they defaulted on their lease and wants them out of Capelli Sports Stadium by Feb. 28th.

Owners dispute city's claim and are preparing a legal response.

Rhinos owners David and Wendy Dworkin made a decision this year to put their franchise on hold for a year.

They believe that will give them a chance to get the franchise on solid financial footing .

But the city believes that puts them in default of their lease and eligible for eviction

We contacted David Dworkin tonight and he confirmed receiving a letter from the city informing them they would be evicted by the end of next month.

Dworkin and The Rhinos do not agree with the city's stance.

They say they plan on hosting other soccer matches and events this year until possibly bringing The Rhinos back next season

The next step for the rhinos is a legal response to the city, from their attorneys and a response from the soccer league, usl, to their plans to have events at the stadium this year, thereby keeping the rhinos within the terms of the lease.

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