Breastfeeding support through URMC for mothers, babies

    A glimpse inside a patient room at URMC's new lactation center in Henrietta. (WHAM photo)

    (WHAM) - For mothers, breastfeeding can be an intimidating and difficult task.

    To help with the process, the University of Rochester Medical Center created a new outpatient facility solely for mothers and their babies.

    The office in Henrietta is led by a physician trained in breastfeeding medicine and lactation consultants.

    Their mission is to provide support for women to reach their breastfeeding goals.

    "We've said breastfeeding is a really good thing, now go and do it. We need to shore up support for those women who have a hard time or for whom whatever medically complex reason, it doesn't come easily," said Dr. Casey Rosen-Carole, a pediatrician and lactation specialist.

    Dr. Rosen-Carole said this facility is a resource much needed for mothers and babies in our area.

    Patients must be referred to the lactation center by a doctor. You can find more information here.

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