Brighton neighbors face unexpected property assessments

Brighton neighbors face unexpected property assessments and possible tax hikes (WHAM PHOTO)

BRIGHTON, N.Y. -- Uncertainty is looming in the Town of Brighton with homeowners facing significant jumps in their property value assessments.

It is the first property assessment evaluation that the town has ordered since 2007. It's a move that could also impact yearly property taxes.

"Taxes are a tough issue," said 14-year Brighton resident Theresa McGowan. "We're retired."

McGowan and her husband, Tim, recently received a letter saying that the town of Brighton adjusted their property value upwards of $20,000.

"We moved here because we value the school district," McGowan said. "We value Brighton living here. Do I want to pay more taxes? Not really. But, I value the Brighton community."

Dozens of homeowners agreed Wednesday night that a sudden increase in property taxes is unsettling. For the McGowans, they are satisfied with their evaluation after 14 years of owning their home.

"The reality is, some neighborhoods get hot," said Brighton Town Supervisor William Moehle. "We want people's properties to be assessed fairly at their full value, but not more than your full value."

Moehle told 13WHAM News that the taxes people owe to the town likely won't increase in 2018. He adds that Brighton schools and Monroe County crunch their own numbers and won't release their requests until late 2018.

"We want people to pay their fair share of taxes," Moehle said. "But, not any more than their fair share of taxes."

If you have a problem or concern about the town's assessment of your home, you can request the town to re-evaluate your property. For more information, click here.

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