"Brockport Night Out" aims to build relationship between students, campus police

    (WHAM photo)

    Brockport, N.Y. – A gathering Wednesday night in Brockport brought students and campus police together to help deepen bonds.

    “Brockport Night Out” was modeled after “National Night Out” events across the country, but geared specifically for students at the College at Brockport and the campus’ law enforcement.

    The event was organized with the help of the college’s Men of Color Organization. Its president, Daniel Jimenez, said he was pleased to see the number of campus groups that attended the event.

    “We promote diversity at The College at Brockport,” he said, “and we definitely take pride in the fact that everyone’s all-hands-on-deck for this event.”

    Jimenez said the goal of the event was to help students and campus police get to know each other better. He said examples of tension between communities and police on a national level factored into the decision to hold Wednesday’s event.

    “We understand the issues that are prevalent on a national scale,” he said, “and we’d like to be able to know that Brockport is a place where we can be able to control that on our campus. And, for sure, we know that if we’re able to incorporate community policing, students and authorities alike will be able to build a better relationship.”

    “The state of America right now is not everyone has the greatest feelings toward officers and people of authority,” he added. “But the more we incorporate community policing, the more we get to know each other and build a better rapport, we can build a better Brockport.”

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