Bus drivers with Gates Chili School District go through active shooter training

(WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. – A school bus may be one place people don’t think of when talking about active shootings. But the Gates Chili School District is training its drivers what to do if they ever had to act.

About 100 bus drivers are learning tactics they can use if someone stepped onto their bus with a gun.

Mike Walton is a tactical advisor with Syracuse-based Armoured One.

“You got to come at him with a 100 percent of, ‘Oh no, we’re going home today.’ It’s that mindset,” he explained. “You got to keep that mindset in there.”

If an intruder is on a bus, drivers are told to hit the breaks hard or swerve the bus from left to right, then jump up and take away the attacker’s weapon.

Instructors say bus drivers are the first line of defense. So, they also learned how to prevent an intruder from stepping onto a bus.

“Hopefully, we never have to use it,” said Gates Chili Central School District Superintendent Kimberle Ward. “But we want to be prepared, we want our staff to feel that there is something that they can do to save lives - and it really is saving lives, one student at a time.”

Teachers and staff with the school district participated in active shooter training earlier this year, as well.

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