Business is sparkling in Monroe County

(WHAM photo)

HENRIETTA, NY (WHAM)- Business is lighting up in Monroe County. The sparklers at Barely Legal Fireworks are flying off of the shelves.

"Business has been crazy especially yesterday and today," said Jason Guck, the owner.

Guck opened up shop two weeks ago. He said he has 12 locations. This is the first time he's able to sell sparklers in Monroe County.

"I think the next step is we have to show that we can be responsible and safe with this stuff in order to get the big stuff everyone wants," he added.

Fireworks tents are scattered throughout the area, making it easier for customers to pick up what they want.

Some said they usually drive to Pennsylvania or Ohio to buy fireworks.

"Having them right here, just right by work, is kind of neat," said Anna Hrycin, who was buying fireworks.

"I have to make sure they are really stable on the ground, and then after they are done, douse them with water," she added.

Business is also booming over at Phantom Fireworks on West Henrietta Road.

"It's been pretty crazy. We've ran out of basically almost all of our stock," said Erin Blodgett, who works there.

Blodgett said they've ordered two extra rounds of shipment to keep up with the demand.

She hopes this is just the beginning and more fireworks will soon get legalized. "It would help business in Monroe County with fireworks, and a lot more people would have jobs," she said.

For some firework stands, Wednesday is the last day they'll be open. Others, like Barely Legal Fireworks, will be open until July 5.

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