Case for local charges against Wayne Co. doctor remains possible

David Blasczak will appear in court again next week. (WHAM photo - Jan. 18, 2018)

Rochester, N.Y. (13WHAM) - A Wayne County doctor is already facing up 20 years in prison if convicted on child porn charges, but the option for additional charges on the local remains a possibility.

According to our news partners at The Times of Wayne County, officials with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and New York State Police confirmed each had its own investigation into conduct by Dr. Blasczak more than a decade ago.

According to police, Blasczak also allegedly told them he engaged in "sexually abusive behavior" with his daughter's friends during sleepovers and admitted to touching and taking pictures of the minors as they slept.

As of Friday, no other charges had been filed against Blaszcak.

"A state prosecutor might then wait to see how thing go in Federal Court before deciding to pursue local charges," says former prosecutor-turned-defense lawyer Matthew Rich. Rich says if Blasczak is sentenced to the maximum penalty he's currently facing, it could already mean the 69-year-old would spend the rest of his life behind bars.

"This is a person, at the age he's at, facing the time he's facing, you have to make a valued judgement, and also how hard it's going to be on the (alleged) victims," said Rich.

Having worked with sexual abuse victims in the past, Rich says part of the decision to charge Blaszcak is up to any alleged victims, who may choose to not relive the past.

"It can be stressful. It can bring up a lot of bad thoughts and memories and things that happened, and not everybody is going to be super-enthusiastic about that if they know there's another means for this person to be held accountable in a significant way," said Rich.

13WHAM reached out to the Wayne County District's Attorney's Office and New York State Police regarding local charges for Blasczak, but neither were able to comment.

Blasczak is scheduled back in court next week.

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