Celeste Kidd says she is waiting to see "real change" at U of R

    (WHAM photo)

    Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - One of the two women who sparked a sexual misconduct investigation at the University of Rochester said Thursday she is still waiting to see real change.

    Celeste Kidd was one of the first people at the university to bring a lawsuit against Dr. Florian Jaeger, a professor with the Brain & Cognitive Sciences Department who was accused of sexual harassment.

    Dr. Jaeger is still employed by the University of Rochester, something that Kidd believes should not be the case.

    "All of the same administrators," Kidd said. "Still in their positions, with the same problems."

    After an independent investigation brought by the school, both Dr. Jaeger and the university said he exercised poor judgement, but were mostly vindicated.

    Dr. Kidd and another professor have filed a lawsuit against the University of Rochester.

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