Child Protective Services in Monroe County is understaffed and overwhelmed

The Federation of Social Workers claims that Child Protective Services in Monroe county is understaffed and overwhelmed.

This coming after Monroe County leaders responded to claims that CPS workers were failing to protect children from abuse after the death of 3 year old Greece toddler Brooke Stagles.

"I think the county's failure to adequately staffed CPS has created the situation where the most vulnerable children in the community are being placed at risk," said John Raybish, Executive Board Member for the Federation of Social Workers.

County officials disagree with these claims.

"I can't talk about case specifics, but I can tell you any call that goes into the state registry is responded to within 24 hours" said Corinda Crossdale, Commissioner of the Monroe County Dept. of Human Services.

Child welfare experts recommend CPS workers have no more than 12 cases each at one time.

Here in Monroe county, caseworkers are averaging around 30 cases, and could be handling up to 60 plus cases at a time.

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