Citizens braving the cold, preparing for snow in our area

(WHAM photo)

Ontario, N.Y./Greece, N.Y. - Tyrone Lawhorn of Rochester says it’s hard to believe we’re still technically in the last days of Fall.

“I got a Columbia under here, too. You got to be ready for this stuff,” he said Tuesday evening.

He walked about a half-mile from his home to the 7-Eleven in Charlotte for groceries. He has no car, so he has no choice to walkeven in Tuesday night’s frigid weather.

“Nobody out here,” he told 13WHAM. “It’s unbearable for most people, but, you know, I do it.”

And he does it no matter what. As winds rip through the area, temperatures struggle to hit the 20s.

Rob Earle works in construction. For him, the weather is no big deal - although he still prefers 90 and sunny.

“It is what it is; it’s cold, but you got to deal it, right?” said Earle. “Love 100 degrees every day, but you gotta do what you gotta do.”

The weather’s bringing about some busy days for Secor Hardware in Ontario, Wayne County. It’s difficult to keep shelves stocked; their warehouse didn’t see all the demand coming.

“People would come by, get 27 bags of rock salt, things like that,” said Alexander Bills, Secor Hardware’s acting manager. “So, we’ll help you out no matter what you can dothe pellets, the shovels, trying to get everybody prepared.”

For the latest on the forecast, click here.

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