City, AG's Office: Local protesters outside Planned Parenthood must adhere to buffer zone

(WHAM photo)

Albany, N.Y. – The New York State Attorney General’s Office says local anti-abortion protesters must adhere to a rule keeping them 15 feet from doorways, walkways or driveway entrances outside the University Avenue Planned Parenthood.

Thursday, the City of Rochester said it would follow a court-ordered ruling, allowing a group of anti-abortion protesters to be closer to the Planned Parenthood location.

An attorney for Roc Sidewalks Advocates for Life argued the group is not part of a national anti-abortion group that had been the subject of a lawsuit filed by the State Attorney General’s Office.

In a message released Friday to the Thomas More Society, the City of Rochester said, after reviewing evidence with the State Attorney General’s Office which suggests the organization, Jim Havens and ROC Sidewalk Advocates for Life have been, “acting in concert with several of the defendants in that action,” and are now being required to abide by the 15-foot rule.

The letter sent to the Thomas More Society can be seen here:

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