Clean fire hydrants save valuable time for fire crews

    When it comes to battling a fire, having access to a nearby hydrant is key for fire crews. (WHAM photo)

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHAM) - Volunteers in Rochester spent their morning adopting a fire hydrant.

    While mother nature has helped melt a lot of the snow, volunteers said they still found some snow and ice around the hydrants.

    "We want to clean around the fire hydrant and make sure it is safe for the firefighters,"said Fantasia Hunt with World Mission Society Church of God.

    When it comes to battling a fire, having access to a nearby hydrant is key for fire crews.

    "We encourage the community to help us out with that - it helps us, help you," said Amon Hudson, Public Information Officer for the Rochester Fire Department.

    The Rochester Fire Department is getting help from volunteers to clean up.

    "Even if it seems like a small situation, it's very important because if the hydrants are piled up, it's difficult if we have an emergency," said Ranier Henriquez, a Deacon with the church.

    World Mission Society Church of God members spent their morning cleaning up. They scrubbed fire hydrants and cleared all of the liter around them.

    The winter months can cause snow and ice to pile up.

    "You are taking care of it, you can help to save lives and help out officials," said Hunt.

    Rochester fire officials say when hydrants are buried, "it's taken longer to access the water from them then it would normally take," said Hudson.

    It's valuable time fire crews need when it comes to putting out a fire and helping to save lives.

    Volunteers said their work doesn't stop here.

    "If it does snow, that's great, because we will be right back out here shoveling it out," said Hunt.

    Firefighters suggest to leave at least a 3-foot radius around the hydrant when you clean it out. They said it gives them better accessibility to get to it.

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