Supreme Court Judge overturns local Section V referee call

Supreme Court judge steps in and overturns controversial call at local high school basketball game (Photo: Courtesy of

ROCHESTER, N.Y. - The debate over a call in a local high school basketball game could change the rules for every Section V student athlete.

In late February, a referee disqualified a ninth grade Red Creek Central School District student after a technical foul in a game against Byron-Bergen. The video, provided by, can be viewed here.

"If a player is disqualified from a game by an official, the rule states that they are ineligible to play in the next contest," said Kathy Hoyt, Executive Director of Section V Athletics.

All Section V athletes are held to the rule, mandated by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association.

"It's not appeal-able because it was a judgement call from an official," Hoyt adds.

13WHAM was told Monday night that the players' parents thought it was a bad enough call to appeal the referee's decision on a court level.

A State Supreme Court judge in Rochester ruled to overturn the referees decision, reinstating the suspended player in the next game.

Adriana Kemp plays Section V basketball in Lyons.

"I'm on the fence with this," Kemp said. "It has to be a legit reason for you not to play, and if she got ejected, she should not be able to play."

"It's silly," said parent Jennifer Aneele. "It's a waste of time."

"I don't think it's right that the girl could play in the next game like she did," said basketball fan Kevin Bezon, of Elba.

Red Creek School District Superintendent David Sholes told 13WHAM that he stands by the judges' decision to reinstate the player. Sholes says Section V sports should be held accountable for bad calls.

"I'd like the State Public High School Athletic Association to have some sort of due process for a student athlete who is treated unjustly and unfairly," Sholes said. "I think that's only normal in America."

Hoyt said she does not anticipate the rules will be changed, but the case and the associated rules will be reviewed by a State Supreme Court judge in the next few weeks.

The attorney representing the family of the student athlete declined to comment Monday night.

Red Creek did end up losing their next game, even with the assistance of the reinstated student athlete. The loss ended their 2018 season.

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