Couple finds surprise after police recover stolen car

Police notified the couple early Friday morning that the car had been found.

Brighton, N.Y. - A Brighton couple found a surprise after police recovered their stolen car. It was the second vehicle they had stolen in four days.

Ben Hale and Jad Jordan say they had given up hope that police would find Hale's car. When it was stolen, it had a photo album inside, which was supposed to be a birthday present from Hale to Jordan.

"Just so distraught, and such a feeling of violation," said Hale. "I honestly had given up.”

Then early Friday morning, the couple woke up to police at their door, saying they found the car.

It was damaged on the side, but still inside was the photo album full of pictures spanning 50 years.

“We didn't lose them! Such a great feeling,” Hale said. “You can't replace these. They're just childhood memories, pictures of Jad when he was born.”

Both are thankful they not only got their car back, but the memories that are irreplaceable as well.

“Absolutely incredible,” Hale added. “So relieved, what a huge, just amazing blessing to get that back. Not only the car, but the pictures. The pictures are back, and we can do this again, and look at them again in ten years and just be happy.”

The couple says the car was found about 10 miles from their home. Still no word on who stole the vehicles.

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