Credit card skimmers found at Livingston County gas station

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    Avon, NY - Multiple credit card skimmers were found at a gas station in Avon, but it's not clear how long they were there, or how many people were impacted.

    The skimmers were found during a monthly inspection at the Exxon station in Avon about a week and a half ago. Police said Wednesday, each pump had a skimmer inside.

    Since the discovery, the store's manager told 13WHAM News there has been a major overhaul of their security system.

    "We are taking the effort to try and prevent this from happening again in the future," said Imran Mehta.

    Those measures include alarm systems inside the pumps, surveillance cameras and daily checks of the pumps. Avon Police said the station did not do anything wrong in this case, and the equipment was up to date.

    "We've been here 20 years, and I have never seen anything like this happen before," said Mehta.

    Mehta believes the station may have been targeted at night when it was closed.

    In the past, skimmers have been found in multiple locations as part of a larger ring. 13WHAM reached out to Monroe and Livingston County Sheriff's Offices, and so far no additional skimming devices have been reported. Police said they have received numerous complaints from those affected and are asking everyone who has visited that gas station to check their statements and give them a call.

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