ROC leaders, businesses push for more public transportation funding

Rochester, N.Y. - Leaders and businesses in Rochester are calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to provide additional funding for public transportation in town.

On Friday, transit advocates and the Regional Transit Service (RTS) were among those urging Cuomo to step up state funding in Rochester and the Finger Lakes region.

The groups say funding in the governor's proposed budget for RTS is flat this year.

Along with maintaining current services and the growing demands of customers, they argue additional funding will help local transportation stay competitive as ride sharing services continue to emerge.

Here's what RTS is asking Governor Cuomo and lawmakers to support:

• A two percent increase in Statewide Mass Transportation Operating Assistance (STOA) to maintain essential services;

• An additional STOA appropriation of $15 million for transit expansion in Upstate New York to serve new economic development, improve access to jobs and meet growing demand for more service;

• An appropriation of 2017-18 capital funding of $84.5 million for transit systems other than the MTA as contained in the 2016-2020 Transportation Capital Program MOU, and;

• Over the next three years, allocate one-third of the $18.5 million in capital funding that was approved as part of the 2016-17 budget and included in the five year capital program for non-MTA systems but not made available in the first year of the plan.

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