Day of remembrance honors 9/11 victims

The "Trail of Remembrance" is located in Canandaigua. (WHAM Photo)

Canandaigua, N.Y. - A day of service in Canandaigua Saturday as community volunteers worked to upgrade the "Trail of Remembrance."

They cleaned up the area, weeded and planted flowers to give it a better look.

The trail was created in 2000 and a 9/11 piece was added within the last couple years.

Organizers say the event is important in honoring our veterans and our freedom.

"These bricks represent the stepping stones to freedom in our United States," said American Legion auxiliary president Suzanne Gates. "It represents our families being safe. It represents our future. So it means we all need to work together as a family to make this one country under God."

A day of remembrance will be held at the trail September 11, 2017, which marks the 16th anniversary of the terror attacks.

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