DEC approves revised High Acres landfill plan to reduce odor

    A revised plan submitted by Waste Management to the New York State DEC will aim to reduce a noxious smell emanating from the High Acres Landfill in Perinton.

    Perinton, N.Y. (WHAM) - A revised plan submitted by Waste Management to the New York State DEC will aim to reduce a noxious smell emanating from the High Acres Landfill in Perinton.

    The revised plan was approved on March 6 by the DEC. The Department said the plan "provides a more detailed and thorough approach to monitoring surface methane and hydrogen sulfide emissions from the landfill."

    As part of the plan, real-time data will be provided to people living in Perinton, as well as the DEC, to evaluate whether the measures are effective.

    Neighbors have been complaining about the stench of the landfill – which is run by Waste Management – for months. Last month, the Town of Perinton said the DEC has agreed to implement 10 recommendations made by the town to address the smell. After reviewing the plan, the town determined the plan was not effective enough.

    As part of the revised plan, Waste Management will add more geo-membrane covers by the end of the month, and continue to repair and replace gas collections wells. Monthly updates are being sent out to the DEC and Town Conservation Baord, along with email notifications for neighbors who want to stay informed about completed and upcoming activity on the site.

    Drilling in specific areas of the landfill to install pipes and wells have brought up so-called "old waste", which has brought up significant new odors around the area of the landfill, will be completed by the end of March.

    "Our Town Conservation Board determined that Waste Management’s original work plan did not fully encompass the original recommendations made by that Board several weeks ago, and we took immediate steps to rectify the situation,” Perinton Supervisor Mike Barker said in a statement.

    More information about the plan can be found online here.

    Wednesday, Waste Management released the following statement from Senior District Manager Jeff Richardson:

    The Waste Management team at High Acres Landfill expects to meet all of NYSDEC’s requirements outlined in its recent notice and will continue to work very closely with NYSDEC and our community partners in the towns of Perinton and Macedon. In addition to those requirements, we continue to make progress with the remediation plan we proposed to NYSDEC and we remain on track to complete the work on schedule. The vast majority of the steps have been completed to date. NYSDEC continues to conduct near-daily on-site inspections of the facility. We comply with, either in real time or on a near-immediate basis, any recommendations or requirements that NYSDEC makes during these inspections and we have met every deadline agreed to by the agencies. While these measures are effectively reducing off-site odors, in consultation with the towns of Perinton and the DEC, we are installing additional synthetic cover and gas collection in Cells 10 and 11. All future infrastructure will include enhanced engineering and state-of-the-art features to ensure the facility operates at the same environmental standard that the community has come to expect for more than 45 years.

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