Deputies: Second credit card skimming device found inside gas pump in Hamlin

Monroe County Sheriff's deputies responded to a credit card skimming device found inside a gas pump at Crosby's in Hamlin on Friday.

A technician from Reid Petroleum said that it appeared the suspect used a special tool to open the pump and place the skimming device inside, making the device not visible to anyone using the pump.

Orleans County Sheriff's responded to a similar report on Friday at a Crosby's in Kendall, that story can be found here.

Chief Deputy Mike Mele of the Orleans County Sheriff's Office told 13WHAM in the last couple weeks similar devices were also found in Erie and Niagara Counties. He said they are in the process of trying to work with State Police to join investigation efforts.

Sheriff's deputies are advising anyone who purchased gas at this location with a credit card to check their credit card statement and call 911 if any fraudulent activity is found.

"The more people who call us and report the unauthorized transactions, that's going to be our best bet to try and track these people down," said Captain Jeff Delgudico of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

A call has also been put into the Buffalo Office of the U.S. Secret Service and the credit card processing company Sunoco has also been notified, according to Reid Petroleum.

Police do not know how long the device has been attached to the pump. The investigation is still ongoing.

The skimmers were removed and the gas pumps are now safe to use. Deputies said customers can choose to pay inside the store instead of using a credit card at the pump as an extra safety measure.

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