Town dispute leads man to write messages on his fence

Greece man writes bold messages to town leaders (Photo: Provided)

GREECE, N.Y. -- A dispute over a picket fence had neighbors in Greece stopping to take pictures in front of a man's home on Hampton Boulevard this weekend.

It started after Bill Fouquet's month-long beef with the Town of Greece. On large white poster boards, Fouquet wrote a message to town leaders on his fence that read:

Bought this house 20 years ago with weathered fence around it. Replaced pickets this summer. They were decaying this winter. Got cited for no building permit. I did not build anything. Just upkeep to make yard look nice. Now I'm being railroaded through our town justice system to remove whole fence. Thanks Greece.

"Fouquet told 13WHAM he wrote the message because he was upset and wanted the entire neighborhood to know.

"I was totally upset about it because it was supposed to be cleared up before I moved in," Fouquet said. "A good suggestion to the town, seeing as how their permit book is so thick, is to give it to the homeowners before they move in so we don't have a problem."

Deputy Town Supervisor Michelle Marini told 13WHAM by phone that the fence was installed illegally before he moved in. Marini added that Fouquet caused a verbal disturbance at Town Hall, which led town leaders to offer a bargain.

Fouquet was asked to move the fence back several feet from the side walk and pay a permit fee. He agreed.

"I really don't think you should be penalized for anything like that," Fouquet said. "It has to end somewhere. I don't want to take down my fence just for improving my property. A lot of people do in Greece. [Neighbors] have to hide improvements because they don't want to get singled out on things that we consider routine improvements."

Fouquet told 13WHAM he also agreed to remove the signs from his fence as part of the town's deal.

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