EEOC releases ruling on discrimination complaint about Henrietta supervisor

Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore (Photo: Town of Henrietta)

Henrietta, N.Y. – There was a ruling this week on a discrimination complaint against the Town of Henrietta and Supervisor Jack Moore.

The allegations came from a female employee who claimed she was discriminated against because of a prior EEOC complaint.

The complaint was filed by Marlene Youngman, who alleged Supervisor Jack Moore made inappropriate comments of a racial nature, among other accusations.

Based on its investigation, the EEOC said there is reasonable cause to believe the town retaliated against Youngman because of her previous accusations.

The EEOC said there was no basis for her accusations of age discrimination. It said her next course of action would be to file a lawsuit.

In a statement sent to 13WHAM Thursday night, an attorney for the Town of Henrietta said the following:

The Town long ago denied the validity of any of the charges. Indeed, some of these claims are literally several years old.
The EEOC determinations did not determine that discrimination took place. The determination means that the claims may go to the next phase, potentially to a law suit. In fact, we do not even know at this time if they will go to suit. If they do, the Town and the Town Supervisor look forward to defending the claims before a neutral tribunal and establishing that no unlawful discrimination took place.
Because of the threat of litigation, as per standard policy and procedure, I have advised the Town Supervisor and Town Board to refrain from any further comment with respect to this matter.
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