Family business in Hamlin vandalized, burglarized

    A family in Hamlin is wondering who broke into their business and vandalized their property, causing thousands of dollars in damages (WHAM photo)

    Top Notch Car Wash was quiet, except for the sounds of repairs, Tuesday afternoon. That is not what Kurtis Goltermann likes to hear.

    "It's a beautiful day out for a car wash," he said. "You don't get a lot of those in Upstate New York as is, so we've lost money, as well as spent money."

    Around 3 a.m. Tuesday, he work up to a phone call saying his family's business had been broken into.

    When he got there, Monroe County Sheriff's deputies were on scene. They found the deadbolt locks busted off the door and the automatic car wash damaged.

    "They broke several pieces of equipment," said Goltermann. "There's some vending machines and soap and vacuum machine also broken into. So thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage."

    The damage is costing them more than just repair bills; the family is out even more since no one could use their car wash Tuesday.

    The family has owned the business since 2005. Goltermann said, a few years ago, someone tried breaking in, and they increased their security.

    "It's a small business," he said. "You have a lot of time a lot of money into it. It's your livelihood."

    Goltermann posted the photos on social media. They have been shared more than 100 times - many times, by strangers. He calls it the "silver lining."

    "People are definitely out there to help one another, and that's what you have, to go day-to-day, by knowing the fact that there are people out there that look out for each other," Goltermann said.

    Goltermann said from what his family could see, whoever did this got away with small toolboxes, but no cash.

    If you have any information you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at (585) 423-9300.

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