Card skimmer investigation: Number of complaints triples in 24 hours

(WHAM photo)

Livingston County, N.Y. - The number of victims in a sophisticated credit card skimming operation has tripled overnight, according to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department.

One of the victims is Nicole Walker, of Livonia. A week ago, she never expected to receive a call from her bank, saying her debit card had been compromised.

“They went on and checked and saw three different transactions from Walmart that I did not make," Walker said.

Those three transactions were made in at a Walmart in Queens, New York, totalling $158 dollars.

"I felt violated right away,” she said. “We hear about this happening all the time; it's never happened to me."

Now, it has. And she's not alone. On Tuesday, the Livingston County Sheriff's Department seized two skimmers off the gas pumps at this Westen Mini Mart gas station in Lakeville - the gas station where walker filled up.

"It's not something that's always on the forefront of your mind, that you better check where your card is going because there could be a skimmer in there,” Walker said. “[That] somebody's going to take your identity, somebody's going to steal your money.”

Deputies received more than 20 complaints on Tuesday in the area of their credit cards being fraudulently used at a number of Walmart stores across the state. Within 24 hours, that number jumped to over 60 victims.

"I thought maybe it was just kind of a random type thing, because you do hear about this. But I never expected to hear so many people actually involved," said Walker.

She said didn't think twice before using her card at the pump. But now, she says she's going to be a lot more careful.

"I definitely will be carrying cash on me now," she said.

The Livingston County Sheriff's Office is now working with the FBI on this skimmer investigation.

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