Feds: Rochester man takes Uber to pick up gun from FedEx, gets arrested

    Greece, N.Y. (WHAM) - Greece Police arrested a Rochester man on Saturday for trying to buy ammunition for a handgun that was shipped overnight to him from Texas.

    Anthony Alberti, 35, is also facing federal charges in connection with the incident.

    Federal court paperwork states that an Uber driver picked up Alberti on June 28 from a home on Lake Avenue. The driver later told investigators that Alberti was visibly drunk and rambling about a woman disrespecting him. He then asked to be taken to the FedEx facility on Manitou Road.

    At the facility, Alberti picked up a package, then opened it in the car and took what appeared to be a 9 mm handgun, according to court documents. The driver told investigators that Alberti puts the magazine in the gun, checked it over, then asked the driver take him to Northgate Walmart on Dewey Ave in Greece to “pick up rounds.”

    Once Alberti was at the store, he placed the gun in a backpack, left it inside the car and walked inside the store. The driver calls 911 and gives Greece Police permission to search the car where the gun is found. Officers also find a Monroe County Probation card. The driver said Alberti left the store and ran to an unknown location.

    Alberti was later arrested on July 14 and charged with third-degree criminal possession of a weapon. He claims he had a woman ship him a nail gun and he didn’t realize it was a real gun until he opened the package.

    Court paperwork states Alberti admitted there is an order of protection against a former girlfriend, but he believed it has expired.

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