Feds recommending 25-year sentence for Charlie Tan ahead of Nov. hearing

    The sentencing hearing for Charlie Tan has been rescheduled to November 19. (WHAM photo)

    Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) - Ahead of Charlie Tan's sentencing hearing next month, federal prosecutors are arguing that "the time for charade has passed" and call for him to admit killing his father.

    Charlie Tan pleaded guilty in June to having another person purchase a shotgun with the intent of killing his father Jim Tan at their home in Pittsford in February 2015.

    In a government sentencing memorandum filed Friday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisa Fletcher said regarding the home life of the Tan family that "there were a million ways to handle it. Pre-meditated murder was not one of them."

    Sentencing guidelines would have a sentence of 25 years imposed based on the offenses.

    But new details outlined in the memorandum also outline steps taken by the Tan family after Jim Tan was killed on February 5. According to prosecutors, the Tans drove overnight from Pittsford to Toronto.

    "The Tans spent the next several days in Toronto, planning how to deal with these events," the report said. Charlie's mother, Jean Tan, bought two one-way tickets to Shanghai, China for herself and Charlie. They planned to fly out on February 9, 2015. After purchasing the tickets, Jean Tan began looking on the Internet about the status of her husband's business if he died and what happened to a person's assets if their spouse dies without a will.

    Eventually the Tans "abandoned their plan to fly to China, and...re-entered the United States through the Niagara Falls Port of Entry," the report states,

    The same day, February 9, 2015, Jean Tan called 911 to report hearing a gunshot, that her son had a gun and he was trying to protect her. Monroe County Sheriff's deputies arrived and took Charlie Tan into custody. From there, the murder trial and subsequent mistrial and dismissal of charges ensued.

    In September 2017, Tan was arrested as he tried to enter the United States near Buffalo to attend the wedding of a friend.

    Tan is scheduled to be sentenced on November 19 in Syracuse federal court.

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