Five Florida men accused of defrauding Xerox of millions

Five men are accused of defrauding Xerox of $25 million (Logo: Xerox)

Rochester, N.Y. – Five men from Daytona Beach, Florida are facing charges after allegedly defrauding Xerox of millions of dollars.

Robert Lee Fisher, Bryan Day, Jason Haynes, Kyle Haynes and David Haynes have been charged with mail and wire fraud, conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, as well as money laundering conspiracy.

Prosecutors say Fisher ran a company that was an authorized reseller of Xerox’s equipment, and that the Haynes’ owned a furniture store and two sham companies. Between 2008 and 2013, Fisher allegedly sold 60 printers to the sham companies. Mr. Day and the Haynes’ allegedly ordered about $25 million worth of toner from Xerox. Prosecutors say the defendants sold the toner for about $9.4 million and then split the proceeds between them.

According to prosecutors, purchasers of Fisher’s goods would pay Xerox based on the number of prints made with the toner, instead of paying the company directly for the toner – and the purchasers were not allowed to sell the toner. Prosecutors say the Haynes’ and Day falsely told Xerox more than 61 million prints were made, when, in reality, few had been created.

The defendants are due in federal court in Rochester on Friday to answer to the charges.

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