"This stinking squirrel is eating my cookies," Brockport woman describes wild encounter

Brockport Police show a squirrel caught inside a home before releasing it. An officer's body camera shows the animal jumping on him.

Brockport, N.Y. - Things got a little squirrelly in Brockport on Friday when a squirrel found its way into a South Avenue home. It would eventually jump onto a responding police officer.

The video was all caught on that officer’s body camera. The video went viral reaching all the way to the United Kingdom.

"It's not funny, but it's funny," said Susan Zinck whose home the squirrel got into. “There’s got to be something done about animals getting in my house.”

Zinck said the unwanted guest chewed its way through a wall in her bathroom. She was in another room at the time.

“I heard the music on, and I said, 'I didn't turn my radio on. I thought wants going on?’ I looked out and this stinking squirrel is out here eating my cookies."

The animal was helping himself to Christmas cookies on her kitchen table.

“He was just nibbling on one," said Zinck.

She calmly called 911.

"The one officer said are you scared? I said, 'Well, yeah. I can't get to the door officer. The squirrel is right there at the table by the door. He said, 'Oh he won't hurt you,'" Zinck said.

"I have the fly swatter in my hand. I don't know what I was going to do with the fly swatter in my hand," she said.

When Finck got to the door, the squirrel jumped!

"I'm just glad it jumped that way and not on me,” she said.

Three officers came into the home to help out.

"Upon entry we were greeted with a little surprise,” said officer Tyler Dawson. “The squirrel ended up jumping off of the counter to Officer Sime. Then in turn off his shoulder and it hit me in the chest. Then it went to the ground and then out of the door.”

But then it darted back inside again. Police eventually cornered the squirrel behind the kitchen stove. It bit onto one of the officer's gloves when he went to grab it.

The squirrel was carried outside and released.

“I said, 'Man, I'm glad he's going out,'" said Zinck. She said she's no stranger to wild animals in her home. A chipmunk got inside three years ago.

Zinck said she threw out the cookies the squirrel was munching on.

Brockport Police were just happy to help.

“Regardless of what the call may be -- Brockport police always respond, and are ready for an emergency or non-emergency," said Officer Dawson.

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