From Orchard Park to Rochester, heavy snowfall makes for wild Sunday

From Orchard Park to Rochester, heavy snowfall makes for wild Sunday. (WHAM photo)

Rochester, N.Y. (13WHAM) - Nearly 18 inches of snow fell in Orchard Park on Sunday, and it made for one of the wildest Bills games in years.

The snowfall clearly impacted the player's performance on the field as snow piled up. Some fans said it was tough cheering on the team, but this time it was because of the weather.

"We've been at games where there's been snow, but not like this," said Rochester native and Bills fan Jeremias Maneiro. "It's never been like this, it's pretty exciting."

Maneiro and his wife, Kristina, went to the game with a group of friends.

"It was really shocking they could have a game in those serious, low-visibility conditions," said Kristina.

The couple said up in the 300-level where they sat, it was extremely difficult to watch the game at times. Not only due to the snow, but the cold.

"Everyone was freezing, we were taking turns going into the bathrooms to warm up," said Kristina. "We were freezing, everyone with blankets on their heads, blankets under them, wrapped up in layers."

Meanwhile in the Rochester-area, some lake effect snow courtesy of Lake Erie surprised some.

It wasn't as intense as the snowfall in Orchard Park, but it was enough to get people out at stores like Lowe's to stock up on winter supplies, like salt and shovels.

The snowfall also served as chance for others, like Dale Robinson of Henrietta, to break out the snowblower for another season of use.

"We figured we better break out the snow blower, see if it actually works on its first try," said Robinson. "It's a 20-year-old machine, started up on the first pull"

As of 8:30 p.m. Sunday, around five inches of snowfall has been recorded at the Rochester Airport for the year. Last year at this time, more than 21 inches of snow had been recorded.

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