Frustration still lingers over soaring water bills in Avon

Frustration still lingers over soaring water bills in Avon (WHAM photo)

AVON, N.Y.-- Frustration continues to boil in the Town of Avon, as homeowners are demanding answers over their soaring water bills."Why can't we get answers?" yelled one Avon resident during a town board meeting Thursday. "We should have the information. We’ve been dealing with this for how long?""I'm frustrated with the process, but I'm hopeful to get some answers," said neighbor Robert Coyne.Coyne prepared a list of 15 questions at Thursday's board meeting. He didn't get many answers, however, as he fights a $900 water bill."It's very difficult to do around Christmastime," Coyne said.In the last two months, the Town of Avon has been working to correct a major billing issue. Town Supervisor David Lefeber told 13WHAM Thursday that a meter estimation problem is to blame."For the manual reads, you have to approach the house and take the reading off the house and manually put it into a recorder and that transferred to our billing software."" Lefeber said. "We've gone back and checked the meters in everyone's homes and are figuring it out and reconciling it."It is a process that resident Mike Carroll called disappointing. He received a refund for overpaying his bill, but claims the refund was the wrong amount."The meter measures exactly what comes in and I don't understand how that works," Carroll said."The town is doing what I consider to be a responsible fix and trying to get this resolved for people and as quickly as possible."For residents who wish to contact the town about their water bill concerns, click here.

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