Fundraiser benefits Canandaigua woman who's fought cystic fibrosis

Loved ones of Dosch Rundt, 23, pictured, held a pancake breakfast to raise money to help offset some of her medical bills. (Photo: Cortney Phillips)

The community came together Saturday to help a young woman in her health battle.

Dosch Rundt, 23, has fought cystic fibrosis since she was a baby.

Last year, after waiting three years, she underwent a double-lung transplant.

She is on different medications and was recently in the hospital. She also has to travel to New York City for medical appointments every month.

As a result, her medical bills have racked up.

That's why family and friends hosted a pancake breakfast at Charlie Riedel's Canandaigua location.

To learn more about Rundt, including how to help out, an online fundraiser has been set up.

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