Family rescues man who fell under waterfall near Hemlock Lake

A man was hurt after falling near a waterfall south of Hemlock Lake in Livingston County on Tuesday.

Springwater, N.Y. (WHAM) - A man was hurt after falling near a waterfall south of Hemlock Lake in Livingston County on Tuesday.

This happened in an area off of Canadice Road in Springwater.

The original report on the 911 call around 3:30 p.m. indicated the fall could have been from approximately 200 feet.

Investigators determined 18-year-old Christopher Corridi was hiking the waterfalls with 17-year-old Sam Baker, a friend.

Corridi apparently decided to try and climb a set of waterfalls that were approximately 100 feet tall while his friend hiked a different path around the falls. At some point during the climb, Corridi apparently lost his footing and fell to the bottom of the falls.

At the bottoms of the falls, another family was wading in the water beneath the falls when Corridi fell. Thomas Froehler and his wife Shannon were able to immediately help Corridi by calling 911, controlling the bleeding and administering several rescue breaths until he regained consciousness.

"I honestly thought it was a rock," Thomas Froehler said. "Then, something hit me. I looked in the water and it was a boy."

"It's a big gully, super steep slopes, 200 feet down approximately and then there's like a dual waterfall, there's a waterfall that was about 100 feet down and then there's a small waterfall below that but it's extremely high and steep," said Chief Deputy Matt Burgess.

Corridi hit his head and was knocked unconscious in the fall.

"I put a shirt on the back of his head," Shannon Froehler said. "We were just at the right place at the right time. There was a reason for us to be there."

"I was asking him any question I could," Thomas Froehler said. "When his eyes would roll back, I'd shake him and said don't leave me. He was seizing, his lips were turning blue and he stopped breathing. I had to give him two rescue breaths."

The Ontario County Rope Rescue Team was called in to help, they've trained in this area before.

"It was extremely difficult to access, the only way you can get in there is with ropes and to repel down in there, there's no other way you could have done it," said Burgess.

The Springwater Fire Department has also trained on this property and has responded two other times in the last 15 years for rescues there.

"If you're not familiar with the lay of the land here, there's only one point to make access to the waterfall where the individual was, so we knew once they said at the bottom of the third falls, we knew exactly where to go," said Springwater Fire Chief Rick Tripp.

"The individuals were very lucky that there was another couple that was hiking down there that came upon them," said Chief Rick Tripp of the Springwater Fire Department. "I'm not aware of who the individuals are, but they probably saved the kid's life, he had been unconscious, underwater for 10 minutes when they found him. They provided rescue breaths and called 911."

It took about 90 minutes for crews to get Corridi out. Corridi was airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital via LifeNet helicopter.

Corridi's injuries are considered non-life threatening; he has since been discharged from the hospital.

Livingston County Sheriff's deputies did not say if any citations were issued.

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