Gov. Cuomo calls on Feds to help Puerto Rico, many rally across NYS

(WHAM photo)

New York, N.Y. (WHAM) - Governor Cuomo is asking the federal government to fully fund the $94 billion disaster relief aid package which would help to rebuild and restore the power grid.

Governor Cuomo was joined Saturday by the Governor of Puerto Rico at a rally in New York City, which was one of many rallies across the state.

Governor Cuomo says the federal government hasn't done its part to help the island.

"I hope Governor that you and the people on the island felt the love that came out of New Yorkers," said Cuomo.

He added "As proud as I am of what this state did, is as ashamed as I am of what this country has done. Puerto Rico deserves better than this country has responded. Period."

Locally, the secretary of state joined in a rally in Rochester Saturday.

It served as a way to thank the Rochester community for helping Puerto Rico, and those displaced by the hurricane.

"What's going on in Puerto Rico is a humanitarian crisis. Not that was caused by the hurricane, but that was caused by the lack of attention from the federal government and the lack of swift action. So we as New Yorkers have rushed into help, but Puerto Rico is in dire need, it's a long recovery," said Secretary of State Rossana Rosado.

More than 130 days after Hurricane Maria, about 91 percent of power has been restored in Puerto Rico.

Since November, New York has sent 450 utility workers to help in the cleanup.

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