Greece family missing items after basement remodeled

A home renovation for one Greece family was supposed to be a gift from their parents.

Greece, N.Y. - A home renovation for one Greece family was supposed to be a gift from their parents.

But in one of 13WHAM’s Your Stories, that basement makeover wasn't the only surprise.

Blair Walker claims one of the workers from Galloway Property Maintenance finishing off their basement made off with thousands of dollars worth of personal items.

"When it first happened, we were in total shock,” Walker said.

Walker said her stepfather hired Galloway Property Maintenance to turn their basement into a den. The contractor requested a key so they could work in the home while the family was out of town.

“It was like, I was never comfortable with it but my step dad knew him and I just figured this would be OK,” Walker said. “I know that he works with different guys all the time."

A few weeks before the work was finished, the family started noticing things missing.

"Tools were moved around,” Walker said . “My husband's clothes, items, things like that. We thought we were just misplacing things."

The project was finished on a Friday. The family was away on business the next day.

But when they returned home a day later, they noticed several major things weren’t there.

"Computers, thousands of dollars' worth of shoes,” Walker said. “You know how guys are about their shoes. [My husband] literally has two pairs of shoes left to his name at this point. Very expensive jeans, a bag of money for the kids because my grandfather gives them money."

Walker's husband is a minister of music and a producer; she's a gospel singer, and now all their irreplaceable original songs stored on that computer are gone.

She hoped to release an album in December.

"It just totally shook my whole house. It wasn't just that the items were taken; it was a huge violation,” Walker said. "I'm just devastated. My children are afraid to go to sleep because they just feel like anybody can just come into our home."

The family did change the door locks to their home. Walker filed a police report, which states they're out $23,000. It also states police have been unsuccessful in contacting the owner of Galloway Property Maintenance.

"So it's just, like, you think to yourself, 'I’m going to YouTube everything I need to get done in the future and just do it myself,'” Walker said. “I don't trust anybody to come into my home and do renovation. Nothing. That's a sad reality at this point."

13WHAM was also unable to reach the owner of Galloway Property Maintenance, and is still trying.

The Walker family thinks this could be something a worker did on their own without anyone, especially their boss, ever noticing.

Greece’s police chief tells 13WHAM this is an open investigation.

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