Greece Police close criminal investigation into Sherri Ann Lane incident

House on Sherry Ann Lane in Greece where a 3 year old boy was reported missing November 24th. His father, and RPD officer is the subject of two investigations.

Greece, N.Y. (WHAM) - Police in Greece said the criminal investigation into an RPD investigator's child going missing over Thanksgiving weekend is now closed.

Greece Police said they "conducted a thorough review of the facts regarding the events of November 27th, 2017 at 149 Sherri Ann Lane."

On November 24-25, police in Rochester and Greece were called about a child was missing from Sherri Ann Lane.

Officers from multiple agencies responded to the search, with the child eventually being found at his father’s home, according to Greece Police Chief Patrick Phelan.

Phelan told 13WHAM someone brought the boy home from the house on Sherri Ann Lane, but it’s unclear who.

Phelan says the people at the Sherri Ann Lane address were uncooperative, including the boy's father, who the chief also says was intoxicated.

On Friday, after an "extensive investigation and additional interviews", the facts and evidence provided to the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office lead investigators to believe there is insufficient evidence to arrest and convict anyone of any crime in relation to this incident.

The Rochester Police Department will conduct an internal investigation into this incident and will "address any violation of rules, regulations, and procedures by their personnel internally," according to a spokesperson for Greece Police.

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