Gun shop in Parma hit twice in 5 days; 45 guns stolen

Chinappi's Firearms & Supplies is located on West Ridge Road near Rt. 259. (WHAM photo)

Parma, N.Y. (WHAM) - A gun shop in the town of Parma was burglarized twice in the last five days.

Monroe County Sheriff's deputies and ATF agents were on scene Thursday morning to investigate the alleged crime.

This happened at Chinappi's Firearms & Supplies on West Ridge Road near Rt. 259.

Monroe County Sheriff's investigators said at least 35-40 firearms were stolen from the store overnight. The store was also burglarized on Saturday, August 11. In that case, ten guns were stolen from the store. The burglars removed siding from the store to break into the building, according to deputies.

This is the seventh time since 2007 that the store has been burglarized. In those seven burglaries, 82 firearms were stolen from the store. Monroe County Chief Deputy Michael Fowler said these are all "crimes of opportunity." None of the burglaries are believed to be related.

Due to the continued burglaries, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office will be taking all of the firearms from the store for safekeeping. They said leaving the remaining guns would be a risk to public safety, citing the building's age and lack of security.

"As we look back at the burglaries we’ve had at this location, it’s clear that it’s not just one group of suspects. It’s a target of opportunity at this location," said Chief Dep. Michael Fowler. "That’s why we’re taking these measures."

They said attempts to beef up security in the past haven't proved effective.

"We’ve been working with owner over the past few years to try and make improvements. A deputy has been out here multiple times and giving him advice on the improvements he can make, and it just, unfortunately, it just hasn’t happened quick enough and it hasn’t been successful," said Fowler.

Deputies said the owner may face charges in the future, pending the outcome of local and federal investigations into the incident, but they said he is cooperating with law enforcement.

They said the owner isn't facing charges yet, and could lose his license to sell guns.

In February, at least one person broke into the store and stole at least six guns.

Police arrested Elston Grimes Jr. , who admitted to investigators that he drove his dump truck to Ridge Rd. in Spencerport, parked it, and walked to Chinappi's Firearms & Supplies and broke a window to get inside.

ATF agents are asking anyone with information about the burglary or the stolen firearms to contact ATF at 1-888-ATF-GUNS, email, or call 911.

13WHAM News will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.

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