UPDATE: Arrest made in gun shop burglary; store is ordered to temporarily close

    Dakota Sarfaty (Photo: Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

    UPDATE: Monroe County Sheriff's deputies have made an arrest in connection with this week's burglary at a Parma gun shop.

    Dakota Sarfaty, 21, of Hilton, is accused of damaging the exterior of Chinappi's Gun Shop to gain access to the building and remove firearms.

    Dakota Sarfaty (Photo: Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

    He is charged with second degree burglary, third degree criminal mischief and fourth degree grand larceny.

    Sarfaty is due to be arraigned in Parma Town Court Friday.

    Original article:

    Parma, N.Y. (WHAM) - Chinappi's Firearms & Supplies in Parma was ordered to temporarily close by a Monroe County judge and the Monroe County Sheriff's Office on Friday.

    The Sheriff's Office said "the inability of August Chinappi, owner of Chinappi’s Gun Shop, to secure his firearms and ammunition" led to the decision. They added that Chinappi has been cooperating with investigators.

    Judge Vincent Dinolfo worked with the Sheriff's Office to close the store through a cease and desist business order.

    On Thursday, investigators confirmed the store had been burglarized seven times since 2007 and 82 firearms had been taken from the store. In two burglaries since August 11, 45-50 firearms were stolen. During that investigation, Monroe County Sheriff Todd Baxter ordered that all remaining firearms be removed from the store for safekeeping.

    Personnel from the Sheriff's Office worked through the night to remove all of the store's inventory. Baxter said in a news conference Friday evening that "hundreds and hundreds of firearms" were removed from the store, along with many pallets of ammunition.

    One man has been arrested and charged in connection with Thursday's burglary.

    Deputies said a multi-agency operation was coordinated, and four search warrants were executed throughout the City of Rochester. Several of the guns have been recovered, Baxter said, but he did not have an exact number during the Friday news conference.

    Lack of laws for gun store security

    Gun shop owners must acquire and hold a Federal Firearms License to sell guns and ammunition. While there are a number of requirements FFL holders must follow to sell guns, there are only suggestions on how the store they run must be secured.

    Mike Centola owner of Allstar Tactical in Greece has a dozen security camera, double doors, and a number of other security systems in place.

    “I feel that what we have here should be an absolute minimum of what every firearms dealer should have,” said Centola. “I think cameras and a security system are an absolute must and should be a requirement to getting a license.”

    Centola believes that as a gun shop owner he and his employees are the last line of defense for keeping guns out of the wrong hands.

    “We deny someone from a purchase because we don't get a good gut feeling or stopping people from breaking in.”

    NY-25 Congressional democratic candidate Joe Morelle tells 13WHAM he has been working on legislation that would require shops to have security.

    “You can argue about a number of things but making sure that weapons are secure and ammunition is secure so people can't break into it and get it onto our community streets, I think everyone should be able to agree to it and I’m going to be very, very forceful in making that happen.”

    In a statement sent to 13WHAM republican candidate Dr. Jim Maxwell wrote, “I’d have to study specific legislation on mandating security requirements in gun shops before making a judgment one way or the other. In Congress, I’ll always support legislation that protects the citizens of Monroe County and their constitutional rights as Americans.”

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