Hand wave leads to alleged probation violation for Jack Moore

Jack Moore, the former Henrietta town supervisor, has been ticketed for violating a no contact order of protection (Photo: Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

Henrietta, N.Y. – Former Henrietta town supervisor Jack Moore was arrested and fingerprinted for violating an order of protection - allegedly by waving.

"I really think that Mr Moore is the victim, that Mr Moore needs the order of protection," said his attorney Vince Merante.

In April, a judge ruled Moore was guilty of harassing a Henrietta couple. He repeatedly drove by Jill and Scott Mangino’s home, honking his horn, day after day. The Mangino's set up a video camera to capture the pattern of behavior.

As a result of the verdict, a no contact order of protection was filed against Moore. He was allowed to travel on the road where the Manginos lived, but was not allowed to have contact with them. Jill Mangino said Moore violated that Thursday at 10:47 a.m. while her husband was working outside.

"He told me (Moore) waved. He slowed down and waved the whole length of our property vigorously," she said. "He was taunting him."

"The legal question is - is a mere wave a violation of a court order? Is that considered contact?" said Merante.

In the police report, Moore denies slowing down or making any gesture. He was taken into custody at the store he owns.

"I think it's childish," said Merante. "I do not know if it actually occurred, but if you could be arrested for waving, it's childish and immature."

Jill Mangino says it's part of a pattern of behavior that has to stop. "It has caused an impact on my family. This is something that has been going on for four years. We have an order of protection and he broke the law," she said.

Monroe County Sheriff's deputies say Moore has been charged with criminal contempt in the second degree. He is due in Henrietta Town Court in June.

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