Henrietta mom, daughter surprised with van from local dealer, police

First Sergeant Brent Bowman, Internal Marketing Director from the Vision Auto Group, Audrey Shackelton, (mom) Kim, Katie (daughter), from the State Police, Carole Fawcett, and Major Richard Allen. (Photo: NYSP)

Henrietta, N.Y. (WHAM) - A mother and daughter who live in Henrietta have received a van after theirs was destroyed in a crash.

Kim and Katie were in a crash several months ago and had their vehicle destroyed as a result.

The trooper who responded to the crash became aware that Kim had no other options for herself and her daughter.

Troopers worked with staff at Vision Auto Group to make sure the two had a reliable vehicle.

On Tuesday, the Vision Auto Group and New York State Police presented the two with a Honda Odyssey.

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