High Acres Landfill misses deadline, plans additional measures to address odor

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    Perinton, N.Y. – A plan to reduce a foul odor from High Acres Landfill in Perinton hit a snag, causing the facility to miss Monday’s deadline to control the smell.

    The town had threatened to suspend the landfill’s operations if it missed the deadline.

    Thousands of neighbors organized and worked with the town to do something about the odor, which reached for miles beyond the landfill.

    The DEC provided the landfill with a geomembrane, which looks like a tarp covering, to cover to the areas that are releasing odors. A membrane tore during this month’s windstorm, causing Waste Management to miss Monday’s deadline.

    The company now has to get a thicker membrane to fully contain the smell.

    Town Supervisor Mike Barker says even though the membranes tore, they did help decrease the odor.

    “Our residents have suffered long enough,” he said. ‘We do congratulate the DEC on their extra effort that they seem to be putting in.”

    Waste Management released the following statement Monday night:

    The team at High Acres is continuing with additional corrective measures as part of our odor mitigation efforts at the site. We understand the measures that need to be taken and we will continue our efforts with NYSDEC until every component of the mitigation efforts are complete.

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