High winds knocks down huge tree in Brighton

(WHAM photo)

Brighton, N.Y. - Wednesday's 60+ mph winds took down hundreds of trees, including a big one in Brighton. It shut down traffic on Edgewood Avenue for several hours.

It was a sight to see around 10 a.m. on the corner of Edgewood and Southwood Lane.

"I was getting calls from people who I didn't even know had my number saying you better come look at this," said Vince Press. "It's a big one. It just fell in the direction of the wind, right across Edgewood Avenue. It's crazy."

Press' old tree came crashing down in his yard, missing his more-than 140-year-old home.

"I listen to it creak at night and wonder about it," he said. "But it thankfully fell where it should have."

The weight of the old oak snapped two utility poles, knocking out power for some surrounding neighbors. Live wires dangled in the wind and across the road.

Tree company crews cut up branches and limbs with chainsaws and removed them from the roadway.

"We're encouraging people, if the wires come down, not to get too close to them,"said Stephen McAdam, the Brighton Fire Chief. "The grass is wet, wires could be touching limbs of trees or fences and all that could be energized. So we don't want anyone getting hurt."

A new utility pole was also brought in to replace the broken one. Press said he was upset he lost his tree but glad no one was hurt.

"I was happy about that," he said. "Hopefully, a lot of people will help clean it up. There'll be some fire wood here in Brighton, if anyone is interested."

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